Bongripper "Terminal" Reissue

Bongripper "Terminal" Reissue


2nd Pressing Info - Total of 1000 LPs 
200 of Each Color 
Color 1- Aside/Bside: DEEP PURPLE &MUSTARD with Lots & Lots of REDish &BLOOD RED Splatter ( Guts Version ) 
Color 2 - Color-In-Color: BONE in BEER ( Pus Version ) 
Color 3 -BLOOD RED with BLACK Smoke ( Blood Version ) 
Color 4 - Half-N-Half: PISS YELLOW &ULTRA-CLEAR ( Piss Version ) 
Color 5 - Black ( Not Pictured )

Orders should start shipping out around July 12th. 
You will receive a shipping notification once your order ships

Artwork by Sam Alcarez

Recorded/ Mixed / Mastered by Dennis Pleckham

Disclaimer: LP colors may vary slightly from the pictures shown.

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