We have music from your favorite artists, as well as rarities and new releases, waiting to be discovered at our shop in Midtown Augusta. Owner Evan Grantski, who’s lived in Augusta all his life, opened the store in 2016 out of a lifelong love of music. If you’re into records, chances are you’re just like us when it comes to seeking out the best-quality music. We’ll put on a pot of our own blend of Buona Caffe java for you to enjoy (for free!) while you browse. Although streaming music through your earbuds has its place, there’s nothing like the ritual of putting on a record. Stop in for a visit — we love talkin’ shop!


PHONE: 706.922.9777 — HOURS: CLOSED MON* — TUES-THURS | 11AM - 8PM — FRI & SAT | 11AM - 9PM — SUNDAY | 11AM - 8PM

2126 Central Ave Augusta, GA